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      Shanghai Tiger Hudro-Aulos Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, manufacturing scale production enterprises of hydraulic components. The company's main products are high voltage gear pumps, gear motors, manual multi-valve, solenoid valve, hydraulic steering, hydraulic power unit, and other products. It can also be customized according to customer requirements and design a variety of manual, electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic control and wireless remote control and other non-standard type of hydraulic components, and is widely used in engineering, agriculture, construction, plastics, petroleum, fishing and other industries machinery equipment, products sold in domestic and international markets.
Quality, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit, after 20 years of development efforts, the company currently employs nearly 300 people, lifting professional titles of technical staff of 10 people, with production equipment 260 / sets. Technology companies use computer-aided design CAD and 3D design, test center using computer-aided test CAT, produced using computer-aided manufacturing CAM, Company management by enterprise information management system ERP. Multi-way valve series largest production and sales at home and abroad, to produce up to 2 million units.
Shanghai Hudro-Aulos Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. will actively promote innovation, and improve the level of technology, improve product quality and management level, relying on technology, and actively expand domestic and international market for the development of China's hydraulic technology to improve the core competitiveness of countries contributing .

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