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Shoulian associated p mouth and tail hydraulic multi-way valve whose their role
Now people have accepted the use of water softening equipment this thing, when in use may be determined according to their own wishes note to use, but at the same time we are aware that we are using rarely use it correctly, and even adverse consequences, resulting in softened water equipment service life is shortened, and varying degrees of damage.
1. Keep the equipment daily cleaning is essential, part of the multi-valve fuel to maintain sufficient oil supply, careful not to touch the pulley runs, thus avoiding accidents.
2. If the device is disabled more than two weeks, to raise the effluent nylon tube exchange column, it does not drain so far, long-term deal with the salt shaker and the valve body remaining salt solution when not cleaning. And the rotary valve and transmission parts lubricating, non-raw device lure summer season and mildew down more than half, you should start the machine 60-120 minutes, the resin tank to prevent microbial mildew. When you restart, first hand pulling the pulley, the rotary valve is rotated several times after power into the water to the original position.
3. When the device is in place, bolt the motor, limit switch bolts, bolts and other wiring inside and outside the switchboard once again fixed to avoid accidents in the device is running. The rotary valve pull bars up and down the block fixing bolts should be fixed to avoid exchange column to be knocking things happen.
4. When the device to work, not to adjust the time on the relay. Multi-way valve again after they scrub off the power before servicing equipment to prevent the motor, power strips, fundamentally, limit switches and other water failure. In operation, while the water supply, when the outage, turn off all of the water supply. Users at each stop, can not stop within a short period, it should be shut down at the same time without water.
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